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Related information of double tractor


Related information of double tractor

An electric motor used in a locomotive or locomotive to drive one or more wheel axles.There are many types of double tractors, such as dc traction motor, ac asynchronous traction motor and ac synchronous traction motor.Dc traction motor, especially dc series excited motor has better speed regulation performance and working characteristics, which can meet the needs of locomotive traction characteristics, and has been widely used.

The working principle of traction motor is the same as that of general dc motor, but it has special working conditions.When the locomotive runs through the rail joint and turnout, it must bear considerable shock vibration.When the meshing of large and small gears is bad, the armature will produce strong torsional vibration.In harsh environment, rain, snow, dust easy to invade.So traction motor has many requirements in the design and structure, such as to make full use of the body's internal space structure is compact, to adopt more advanced insulation materials and magnetic materials, spare parts to have higher mechanical strength and stiffness, the motor needs to have good ventilation cooling conditions and dustproof moistureproof ability, to take special measures to cope with the difficult conditions of "reverse" to reduce the carbon brush of the spark and so on.


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