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Do you know what power is best for an aluminum rod heater?


There are a lot of friends know about the aluminum rod heating furnace, but a lot of friends to the aluminum rod heating furnace half know half solution, for what kind of aluminum rod heating furnace power is most suitable or have a lot of questions, in order to help you solve this problem, give us a simple explanation, hope to help you. 

If you want to buy aluminum rod furnace to our mechanical equipment, we must know what you want the price and size and his operating requirements and so on a series of details.In the aluminum rod heating furnace user, many friends are to use medium frequency furnace and diathermy furnace, according to the actual needs of different users, you can choose different aluminum rod heating furnace.A lot of friends also care about the price when buying the aluminum rod heater, but we can't give you the answer directly here, because the price is also different in different USES and sizes of power. 


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