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Down-to-earth and practical production of "high precision" machinery and equipment


Founding ceremony of the aircraft is not enough, you said to fly twice, now no longer need to fly twice, to how many how many.This golden age, as you wish, the mountains and rivers still in, peaceful and peaceful.When I sent you ten miles of chang 'an avenue, now is ten miles of prosperity."

-- paying tribute to the older generation of revolutionary martyrs

From poverty to prosperity, from weakness to prosperity, under the spring of reform and opening up, new China has made numerous achievements in various fields.This golden age is built by the Chinese people step by step.China is gradually becoming the leading actor on the world stage.

Source: People's Daily

On September 17, general secretary xi jinping stressed during a survey in zhengzhou that China's manufacturing industry is now the largest in the world.We need to continue our efforts to boost China's manufacturing and real economy through technological innovation, industrial innovation, and transformation and upgrading.

The same, has more than ten years of development in aluminum extrusion machinery and mechanical equipment in a career, including his fist products - single short rod furnace performance is particularly prominent, in the product realization function at the same time, low energy consumption, configuration is more high, long life, low failure rate, advantages, product reputation, market coverage, etc are outstanding.

How to promote the aluminum industry to the "high precision" direction of development, is the subject of every industry.As general secretary xi has said, if you have weaknesses, you have to keep climbing.Copper is machinery will be back by optimizing single short bar heating furnace of technology innovation, and a series of products, constantly forging advanced mechanical equipment, down-to-earth to do research and development, production, and will do the product, do fine, and do your enterprise, hope copper aluminum equipment is mechanical energy to become the backbone of industry transformation and upgrading.


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