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How to repair the tractor hydraulic station


The hydraulic station on the main engine of the tractor shall be repaired daily to find out the fault and determine the cause of the fault.Then, how to check the fault of the hydraulic press in the tractor?

Hydraulic machine maintenance has the following aspects:

(1) observe the oil content and temperature in the oil tank of the hydraulic station.Observe the tank level gauge, the tank level should always maintain the normal level (the standard is to the level gauge 5 or so), otherwise it should be timely replenishment, the added oil grade must be the same as the system oil grade, and after testing, in accordance with the specified indicators;The added oil must be filtered with a precision not lower than that required by the system.

(2) leakage of oil in various sealing parts and pipe joints.Such as hydraulic system in the working state of the leakage phenomenon.Oil leakage will lead to the reduction of system pressure, resulting in the instability of the actuator speed, insufficient shrinkage, waste of oil, consumption of energy, reduced efficiency, oil temperature rise.The leakage of the system mostly occurs in the fixed seal and the moving seal.Leakage is usually caused by damage to seals, aging, damage or loose connection screws (caused by vibration of pipelines) should be timely maintenance.Can be changed according to the oil leakage seal or apron.

(3) whether the screw at the pressure adjustment point of the dart valve and other pressure valves is loose.The loosening of pressure regulating screw of overflow valve will result in the system working pressure not reaching the predetermined value or not being able to establish working pressure, and the system cannot work normally.Loose adjusting screw of reducing valve will make the outlet pressure not reach the predetermined value and make the reducing circuit not work normally.There is a pressure regulating valve in the work station, which can adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic station.


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