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Use and advantages of aluminum profile tractor


A, use

In the process of aluminum extrusion, manual traction will produce a small amount of bending and distortion phenomenon, in order to improve the pass rate of finished products, the use of the tractor guide and traction of the profile can improve the pass rate of finished products.

Ii. Advantages of drawing aluminum profiles with tractors:

1, the mechanical can set the traction torque, with the same tension to pull the same kind of profile, so that it will not be like manual traction force difference and lead to distortion profile.

2. The machine can operate around the clock, saving manpower.

3, artificial time will affect the work efficiency, mechanical energy consistently tireless work to achieve high production efficiency.

4. The tractor can read the production data of the extruder, cooperate with the extruder according to the production data, and complete linkage production, more efficient and stable.

5. The tractor can be fully automated without manual operation.

6. The tractor is equipped with an interrupt saw, which can more accurately cut off the drawn profile automatically according to the set length. There is no need to stop cutting, and the extruder can continuously squeeze the material without stopping.Combined with the above advantages, automatic tractor can improve the capacity, reduce waste, save manpower.


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