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Use and maintenance of double tractors in aluminum extrusion workshop


I. use and maintenance:

1. Check whether the current and voltage of power cabinet are normal before energizing.

2. Check the level gauge of the hydraulic station to see whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient.

3. Check the tubing for leakage.

4. Check whether there is any foreign body on the track and whether there is any obstacle nearby, and clean it up.

5. Confirm that all the preparation work above can be completed before power-on test, and adjust the speed, tension and other parameters according to actual needs.

6. Lubricating oil shall be added to the reduction gear box regularly;If the sound of the reducer is normal, it will sound equally loud.

Ii. Operation and debugging

When operating the machine, you should pay attention to it. No one is allowed to get close to the tractor track, so as to avoid collision during the operation of the machine.

1. Set parameters: traction torque, traction speed, return speed of the car and other parameters can be adjusted on the touch screen, which is easy to understand.After setting the parameters, it is not necessary to change them frequently. The parameters are set according to the actual requirements of the drawn profile.Note: the parameters can be adjusted to meet the production requirements, do not blindly increase the risk and affect the service life of equipment parts.

2, traction

Press the traction key on the operating table, and the tractor performs the forward traction action. P2 trolley travels at a straight line and uniform speed to the traction terminal. After the trolley exceeds the terminal, the traction action can no longer be performed (the traction system has a protective function).

3, return: press the return key work station, P2 traction trolley execution returns action, P2 tractor extrusion machine direction straight run fast, after return to slow down side from fast to slow, stop until the traction a start bit, such as too fast, to pull the trigger system of overspeed protection function, emergency stop and braking traction trolley.

4. Automatic: after the manual debugging is completed and the parameters have been debugged, recall the traction car to the starting point of traction and get ready. However, press the automatic start button and the whole machine will enter the automatic working state.After starting the automatic traction system, it is necessary to observe the work of the tractor for 3-5 cycles, and it is unnecessary to adjust after observing the accurate automatic traction process.

Iii. Connection actions and processes in the automatic process of the tractor:

P2 traction car clamps the extruded profile from the starting point to the terminal, and the traction system automatically calculates the profile length. The interrupt saw attached to P1 traction car cuts the profile according to the preset length, and P2 car automatically lowers and returns the profile.P1 traction trolley will be under a clamping pulling out, on the way to return the P2 traction car without a stop, the handover complete by P2 will profile drawing to the terminal, P1 return to the starting point, when the P2 car to pull the material to the system default length, P1 car in between clamping profile starting and cut off, P2 is expected to return to handover, so work non-stop.If there is any abnormality in the middle of the process, press the emergency stop button, the tractor will stop running and braking immediately, and the automatic system will stop. After handling the abnormality, the vehicle must be recalled to start the automatic system again.


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