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What should I pay attention to when cutting aluminum profiles?


1, choose the aluminum profile saw blade, because the hardness of the industrial aluminum profile is not as big as steel, relatively easy to cut the saw, but because the hardness is not big and easy to adhere to aluminum, so the blade to be sharp, use for a period of time to change.


2, choose the right lubricating oil, if you do not use lubricating oil directly dry cut, cut off the aluminum section surface will have a lot of burrs, it is difficult to clean.


3. Most industrial aluminum profiles are cut at right angles, but there are also some that need to be cut at oblique angles.When cutting bevel Angle is about to control good Angle, can use numerical control saw machine to saw.


Now let's look at the industrial aluminum extrusion production after which steps are cut?


1, aluminum profile in extrusion molding after sawing, this time is rough cut, the length is generally controlled in 6 meters, 7 meters below.Too long industrial aluminum profiles into the aging furnace aging and oxidation tank oxidation.


2. If the customer buys the material and saws and processes it by himself, we still need to saw off the oxidation electrode points at both ends after the anodic oxidation packaging, and the profile length is generally controlled at 6.02 meters.


3. If semi-finished products are purchased for processing, we need to transfer them to the processing workshop and carry out fine cutting according to the actual size. The dimensional tolerance of fine cutting is generally controlled at ±0.2mm.There is a need for deep processing also need further deep processing (drilling, tapping, milling, etc.).


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