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At present the market commonly used three kinds of aluminum profile tractor is introduced


Entangled with a lot of customers in the aluminum extrusion production line do you want to install a tractor, so age in progress, equipment upgrading, automatic traction function can bring convenience for you at the same time, also increased the rate of profile quality and production efficiency, why not do it, several kinds of aluminum in 2019 market now more commonly used to what kind of tractor you know are there?Next Italy virtue staff to introduce to you. 

There are three kinds of aluminum profile tractors on the market:

1. Simple traction machine, that is, the head of the traction is not driven, its movement is driven by the lower end of the steel cable, low cost, but also low precision, at the same time there are small tension, can not pull the larger aluminum profile problem; 

2. Double-head and double-tractor, namely, two heads with power, among which P1 head is with saw blade, and the two heads are used to draw aluminum profile by means of connection. 

3. Three-head double tractor, that is, two heads with power and an interrupt saw with fixed position. The two heads are independent of traction, so it has advantages over double-head double traction in space saving and traction speed.


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