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Use, maintenance and instruction of tractor


Extruder is one of the main equipment to produce aluminum profile, so we need to explain the article will be more natural, but we in addition to the sale of aluminum profile extruder is also one of our production of aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment, learning more knowledge is always no harm to us, you say right?Today mainly for the use of aluminum profile tractor, working principle, use and maintenance to do some introduction.

Extruder auxiliary equipment aluminum profile tractor USES:

In the process of extrusion, in order to reduce the phenomenon of bending and distortion and improve the qualified rate of finished profile, it is necessary to guide and pull the profile.Aluminum profile tractor is used to complete this work, the machine is driven by the drag motor, PLC programmable computer control, with a high degree of automation, simple operation, stable performance and other characteristics, more can cooperate with automatic export saw and extruder to achieve full linkage production.

Auxiliary equipment of aluminum extruder aluminum profile tractor working principle:

The tractor pulls the extruded aluminum to prevent extrusion deformation.The clamps of the clamping device are composed of upper and lower opening, closing, giving way and the reverse self-locking tooth group with the involute arc clamps, which are driven by hydraulic pressure. The variable frequency motor is used to drag the trolley and the hydraulic power off brake through the wire rope to realize the back and forth line movement.

Aluminum profile extruder auxiliary equipment aluminum profile tractor operation and maintenance:

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil is clean and the oil level gauge is correct.

2. Check whether the tubing connection is good and there is no leakage.

3. Check whether there is any foreign body on the track, and whether there is any person or other irrelevant object in the restricted working area.

4. Check whether the wire rope is loose and make sure the brake performance is good and reliable.

5. Confirm that the above 4 preparations have been completed before power-on test, and adjust the speed and tension according to actual needs.

Motor motor: whether the cooling fan of a is working or not;B. Whether the sound and temperature are normal;C. Check the wear of carbon brush regularly. Replace and install carbon brush to make it move freely.

7. Reduction box: a shall fill lubricating oil regularly;B. Whether the sound is normal when working.

Wuxi yimei machinery co., ltd. was registered in 2011, specializing in the production of aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment, product development and production from 500 tons to 4500 tons between more than 20 specifications, variety."National quality AAA", "European CE certification", "ISO9001 certification" and so on.

The company has more than 15 years of work experience staff 20, from product research and development, material storage, processing production, after-sales service layer by layer strict control, to ensure the production of high quality, high standards, high efficiency of mechanical equipment.Free to provide customers with the layout and planning of plant equipment, 5 minutes of remote after-sales guidance, 24 hours of on-site maintenance!

The company 23 years focus on the research and development of aluminum extruder auxiliary equipment and manufacturing, is a larger domestic aluminum extruder auxiliary equipment manufacturers!Served in the domestic well-known enterprises: daqo group, kunshan giant, excellent seiko group, jiastong group, zhongduo aluminum, xuzhou ward aluminum......And other units.And exports to Ethiopia, Nigeria, uzbekistan and other countries.Excellent quality and dedicated after-sales service, trusted by the majority of users, won high praise in the customer.

Scientific management, perfect testing means, with a complete set of machining equipment.The main products are: aluminum extruder, energy-saving and efficient long bar hot shear furnace, (single, double door) aluminum profile aging furnace, aluminum profile automatic production line, aluminum profile hydraulic finished product sawing machine, aluminum profile straightening machine, intelligent single, double tractor, aluminum rod hot shear machine, aluminum profile mold furnace.

The company has always been "manufacturing with heart, customer first" purpose.To provide reliable quality, reasonable price, quality service, we hope on this basis with you sincere cooperation, seek common development.


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