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Introduction of the new aluminum double tractor


Due to the common defects of traditional single tractors, such as high failure rate, large impact, poor running stability, poor starting control performance, high power consumption, large maintenance cost, and difficult maintenance, this new tractor is developed to solve the above problems.This machine has the following features:

1. The use of the new track greatly improves the guiding accuracy, making the traction head run more smoothly and with less resistance; 

2. The clamping head is not equipped with clamping power device, and the weight of the head is only 100kg, which is 1/4 of the weight of the ordinary head, so as to make the operation process less impact, start and stop sensitive, effectively improve the control performance, and reduce the power of the traction motor by 1/3; 

3. The clamping head has no control box and control components, so there is no need to worry about the fault of the head control system, which greatly reduces the failure rate and the maintenance difficulty;Non-slip contact wire and collector and other important wear parts, reduce the cost of use and maintenance; 

4. The traction motor USES the 4/8 pole two-speed variable frequency motor to make the tractor have enough stable operating frequency at low speed traction, eliminating the problem of crawling and unstable traction force at low speed traction; 

5. This machine is driven by double wire rope and is equipped with a pneumatic mechanism for clamping plate and jaw action at the end of the extruder; 

6. PLC controls the parameters of frequency converter by means of communication, effectively controls the start and stop of each speed segment and the smooth transition between speed segments, making the operation smooth and reliable without impact, and effectively improving the quality of aluminum; 

7. The braking system of this model is mainly smooth braking by PLC through frequency converter, while mechanical braking is only used for stop and power failure protection braking; 

8. Use the encoder to output the positioning signal, making the positioning more accurate and reliable; 

9. The machine can be equipped with a safety fence to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents; 


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