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Aluminum extrusion principle


1. Aluminum extrusion principle

Aluminum extrusion is a plastic process in which external forces are applied to the metal blank placed in the container (extrusion barrel) to allow it to flow out of a specific die hole to obtain the desired section shape and size.

2. Composition of aluminum extruder

Aluminum extruder by main motor oil pump, auxiliary motor oil pump, main oil cylinder, auxiliary oil cylinder, movable beam, front beam, sliding frame, shear device, front column frame, surge column, extrusion cylinder, hydraulic system under electrical control.

3. Classification of aluminum extrusion methods

According to the types of aluminium profile extrusion cylinder metal aluminum, stress and strain state, aluminum extrusion direction, lubrication condition, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, or the kinds of advanced structure, the number or the shape of the embryo, the shape of the products or the number of different, can be divided into forward extrusion and backward extrusion method, (including the plane strain extrusion, axisymmetric extrusion deformation, general three-dimensional deformation extrusion) lateral extrusion method, glass lubricating extrusion method, quiet night squeezing method and continuous extrusion method and so on.


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