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Automatic aluminum profile production line


Automatic aluminum profile production line

Introduction to automatic production line of aluminum profile

Abstract: this paper introduces the advantages, application and current degree of automation of automatic driving, one of the subsystems of aluminum profile oxidation automatic production line.

Automatic driving is one of the important subsystems of aluminum profile oxidation automatic production line.

1. Compared with manual driving, automatic driving has the following advantages

1.1 security

1.1.1 the operation subject of manual driving is human, which depends on the coordination of visual observation and hand-eye of the operator. Therefore, the failure rate of manual driving is relatively high due to human factors, and there are two common cases as follows: overload: because the design of the train has a margin, so the short overload surface can not be seen, the operator often overload operation lead to electrical components damage, lifting chain fracture and other faults, thus shortening the service life of the train. collision: the manual operation is flexible, and the operator can operate in any range. Therefore, collision between the driving and the shop, between the driving and the anode beam, between the workpiece and the overpass vehicle, and between the workpiece and the curing furnace door will occur frequently in the manual operation.

It is often seen in the production site that the surface of the equipment is scarred, deformed or even damaged due to the collision.

1.1.2 in the automatic mode, manual operation is not required. The automatic system of driving continuously monitors the state and posture of driving, and the abnormal situation will trigger the alarm to eliminate the problem in the bud.For the above situation, the solution of automatic driving is: overload: the lifting motor of automatic driving is controlled by frequency converter, and the walking motor is controlled by frequency converter or servo motor. These automatic products have relatively strict protection measures for equipment or electrical components, and the load is controlled within a safe range, completely eliminating the overload phenomenon. collision: the automatic driving system conducts strict detection and analysis for any collision that may occur, so as to interlock and limit equipment to equipment, workpiece to equipment, and workpiece to workpiece, thus eliminating any collision in the state of automatic operation.

1.2 reliable

In the manual production line, the environment on the production site is usually relatively harsh, high temperature, humidity, stimulating air, will affect the mental state of the operator, to achieve a long period of hand-eye cooperation, the operation is accurate or more difficult.In the production site often can see: the operator does not operate according to the requirements, the wrong material, put the wrong groove, the workpiece hanging broken process slot anti-corrosion layer phenomenon, and even the electrophoresis material into the hole sealing material serious error.

On the automatic production line, the core of the control system of automatic driving is PLC, which is an industrial computer system, which can complete all kinds of technological actions strictly and accurately according to the preset program (of course, this program can be changed).So the automatic operation is very reliable.


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