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The important role of extrusion spacer in aluminum extruder


Dummy blocks related knowledge about aluminum extrusion machine, before is rarely mentioned in the article, but it does not represent a dummy blocks is not important, on the contrary dummy blocks is very critical in aluminum extrusion press a extrusion tool, today small make up to sort out some knowledge about the dummy blocks, let us more comprehensive to learn to know aluminum extrusion machine!

Extrusion spacer is one of the most important extrusion tools in extruder.During extrusion, an extrusion gasket is arranged between the extrusion rod and the billet aluminum ingots to transfer extrusion pressure and seal the extrusion cylinder, so as to avoid the reduction of strength due to direct contact between the extrusion rod and the high temperature billet, and to prevent the whole extrusion rod from being scrapped due to excessive wear and deformation caused by direct coordination between the extrusion rod end and the extrusion cylinder.

The main feature of the combined extrusion gasket in the aluminum extruder is to combine the extrusion gasket and cleaning gasket together to form the extrusion and cleaning once completed.Combined extrusion gasket can shorten extrusion cycle and improve production efficiency.In the extruder peeling extrusion, the cleaning pad part in the combination gasket can also play the role of centering, reducing the extrusion pipe eccentricity.

Due to the centering effect of desquamation extrusion gasket, it can prevent the perforated needle from deviating from the center during the movement of gasket, so the concentricity of extrusion pipe is better.In order to reduce the problem of eccentric quality when the aluminum extruder USES perforated needle to extrude pipe, in modern extrusion technology, a lot of measures have been taken for the design of extrusion tools, such as die support of centering double cone (tip) and extrusion barrel lining, peeling extrusion gasket with positioning, eccentric die support, etc.


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