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Two suspension modes of tractor


One is the suspension mode connecting the traction motor and the rotor shaft, which is called the clamshell suspension or semi-suspension.When this suspension mode is adopted, the impact vibration generated by the moving wheel through the rail joint and the turnout will be directly transmitted to the traction motor.Hubble-type suspension is suitable for locomotives with a structural speed of less than 120 km/h.The other is a frame suspension (or full suspension).When this suspension mode is adopted, the traction motor is fixed and suspended on the bogie frame, and various elastic connecting elements are added between the shaft end of the traction motor and the small and large gears to reduce the impact of shock vibration.Frame suspension is suitable for vehicles with a structural speed of more than 120 km/h.


When the dc series excited single tractor is supplied with a dc series excited single tractor after rectifying with a silicon rectifier or a high-power thyristor, the voltage applied to the traction motor is a pulsating voltage, so the traction motor is called a pulse-current traction motor.The "commutation" condition of high-power pulse-current traction motors is more difficult.In addition, there are some additional losses inside the motor, which cause the temperature rise of the motor. Therefore, some special measures should be taken in the design and structure of the pulse-current traction motor to solve the two outstanding problems of "reversing" and temperature rise.


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