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What matters to note about tractor work?


Matters needing attention in tractor work:

1, before the tractor begins to work, the operator should focus on the engine, brake position, control mechanism and overload protection device for a careful inspection, but also to check the anchorage of the machine, whether to maintain good.You must be familiar with the functions of each button before use.

2. Before the tractor begins to pull, check the grounding block of the traction rope to see if it is safe and reliable.Operators should wear safety helmet, wear insulating gloves, do a good job of safety protection measures.

3. During normal traction, the protective door must be closed to avoid shutdown.

4. When the tractor is accelerating or decelerating, the operation and control should be stable, without fluctuation or impact on the machine.

5. The crawler adjustment scale of the tractor with mechanical adjustment must be consistent with the outer diameter of the pipe, otherwise the crawler may be damaged.

6, when the tube is not round or irregular, try not to pass the tractor, so as not to damage the traction track.

7. If any abnormal sound or fault is found in the production process, the engineer must be informed to repair and deal with it timely.

8. After discharge, the brake device should be fixed.In addition, the tractor should be in the state of no force.


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