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The tractor saves the production cost of aluminum


One of the benefits of using a modern extruder is that it has the ability to control the extruder to stop extrusion when the extruder reaches the correct extrusion length.This is similar to the non-extrusion cycle, but because the extruded profile is exactly the required length, there is no wasted extrusion time.As a result, more costs can be saved because the reduction in waste also saves the transportation and recycling of extruded waste.

After extrusion, the most important goal is to increase production and deliverability by reducing waste and distributing more products to customers.Any waste produced after extrusion will be very costly, so it is important to minimize waste generation in subsequent processes.To minimize waste, sawing must be done at the stop mark (the mark left by the die on the profile during a non-extrusion cycle).

There are only two technologies available for sawing at the stop mark - fly saw cutting and a double-length system.Flying saw cutting technique refers to sawing during extrusion.Using the flying saw cutting technology, the profile can be cut at the stop mark after the stop mark comes out of the extruder.The double-length system is used to cut off the first and second profiles in the non-extrusion cycle after the second profile is squeezed.

Both technologies have their advantages.The dual length system can provide air cooling time for two extrusion cycles, which is very beneficial for building alloys.However, the flying saw cutting system costs less (equipment cost and occupied plant space cost) and allows one bar multiple cut mode operation without stopping the extruder.

Both technologies can improve the yield of products by 1 to 2 per cent (the waste from 1 to 2 per cent has now been converted into qualified products for distribution to customers).From scrap to deliverable products, this is the direct conversion of high value-added profiles, resulting in huge economic benefits.If this increase is calculated as 1% and our aforementioned cost per hour of RMB 2,860.00 is taken as an example, then over a five-year recovery period, the cost savings over RMB 1,000,000.00 can be compared to the tractor system that cannot be sawed at the parking mark.


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