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Understanding of aluminum profile cutting


Hollow tube of aluminum profile extruded by aluminum forming equipment is cut.After the cutting is completed, the shape of the product will be obtained. Finally, CNC washing and cutting will be carried out according to the local special requirements of the structure design to obtain all the shapes of the final product structure design.There are several cutting methods

1. Manual cutting machine

Manual cutting machine head can turn left and right, can cut 45 degree Angle, cutting accuracy is poor, suitable for aluminum doors and Windows industry and precision requirements are not high aluminum cutting work.

2. Semi-automatic cutting machine

A, semi-automatic gas conversion high speed aluminum cutting machine, the use of impregnated tungsten carbide circular saw blade for cutting, spindle speed 3200 r/min, machine feed pressure is expected to use gasoline conversion as A driving force, hidden blade, saw blade by live on cutting, automatic pressure material and cutting, automatic spray machine oil mist lubrication, cutting materials section is bright and clean without burr, high accuracy, can be single and multi branch cutting, simple and safe operation.

B, semi-automatic oil-pressure aluminum cutting machine, machine structure is rough, the machine USES oil pressure as feed power, do the saw blade

Parallel feeding action, cutting material section accuracy is poor, cutting material size is large, suitable for aluminum rough cutting cutting.

3. Automatic aluminum cutting machine of aluminum profile extruder

Suitable for small aluminum, cutting quantity is big, the precision requirements of cutting work, small aluminum can bundle cutting, can be cut off at a time, high efficiency, machine feeding, clamp, positioning and controlled by PLC automatic cutting work, use tungsten carbide circular saw blade for cutting, saw blade speed 3200 RPM, cutting materials section is bright and clean without burr.Suitable for all kinds of aluminum products manufacturing cutting precision requirements, such as heat radiator aluminum, usb flash drive MP3 aluminum shell, aluminum tube, aluminum rod, aluminum alloy cutting saws

Note: when cutting the shape, you need to pay attention to whether you need high precision or low precision. If you need high precision, use high-precision cutting machine or CNC automatic cutting machine, otherwise the cutting surface of the product will be very rough, and aluminum chips.


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