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Ministry of industry and information technology raw materials department: to aluminum industry facing the grim situation to have a clear understanding!


Chang guowu, deputy director of the department of raw materials of the ministry of industry and information technology, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the 2019 China international aluminum week in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 14, 2019.Here are the highlights of his speech:


Chang guowu, deputy director of the department of raw materials, ministry of industry and information technology

Today, the aluminum industry from all over the world gathered in Qingdao to participate in the China international aluminum week sponsored by the China nonferrous metals industry association, to share the experience and wisdom of aluminum industry development, which is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the global aluminum industry.On behalf of the department of raw materials of the ministry of industry and information technology, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the opening of this event and sincere greetings to guests from the aluminum industry at home and abroad.

Aluminum industry is an important basic raw material industry with a large volume in non-ferrous metals and a high correlation between the upstream and downstream. It is a key area for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the high-quality development of economy.In recent years, China's aluminum industry has actively promoted the supply-side structural reform, effectively curbed the blind expansion of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, made the industrial layout more and more reasonable, advanced the development and application of high-end aluminum materials, made significant achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction, and basically formed the mode of coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries.In the first three quarters of this year, the production and operation of China's aluminum industry maintained a stable situation, and the growth rate of industry benefits changed from negative to positive. From January to September, the aluminum industry realized a profit of 33.52 billion yuan, up 19.1% year on year.

At the same time when we see the achievements, we also need to have a clear understanding of the serious situation faced by the development of aluminum industry.

First, the pressure of overcapacity is still great.In general, aluminum consumption is about to enter a plateau period. At the present stage, production capacity is relatively large, and supply and demand are still in a weak balance. The aluminum industry needs to further consolidate its positive foundation, which needs to be faced by all countries in the world.

Second, green development is an arduous task.According to the current level of smelting and processing industry and technology, the aluminum industry is still one of the fields that consume a large amount of energy per unit. The comprehensive utilization technology of red mud, harmless disposal technology of electrolytic aluminum slag, and economic and feasible technology of reducing particulate matter are still not high, which still falls short of the requirements of ecological civilization construction.

Third, the development environment is not optimistic.Various forms of trade protectionism are on the rise, and aluminum double sanctions or investigations occur frequently. There are many explicit and implicit barriers to expanding exports. The development and application of high-performance aluminum is not fast enough, and its ability to meet, lead and create downstream demand needs to be further improved.

The just-concluded fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC central committee stressed the need to modernize China's governance system and capacity, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and better play the role of the government.Next, we will earnestly implement the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC), in accordance with the eight-character principle of "consolidating, strengthening, upgrading and unimpeded" put forward by the central economic work conference, deepen supply-side structural reform, and continue to promote high-quality development of the aluminum industry.

First, we will continue to strictly control new production capacity.We will strictly implement the policy of replacing production capacity, implement the principal responsibilities of local governments and enterprises, and intensify the investigation and punishment of projects that violate laws and regulations. We will never break the red line of production capacity compliance.

2 it is to speed up the transformation and upgrading, the intelligent manufacturing as the main attack direction in the transformation and upgrading, preparation of intelligent mine, intelligent smelting non-ferrous metal processing, intelligent processing plant construction guidelines, forming a non-ferrous metal intelligent manufacturing alliance, promote the Internet industry, big data, such as artificial intelligence, 5 g depth fusion technology and aluminum industry, promote the swallow the industry intelligent control board, firmly establish a "green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan, ning to hills and green, not to jinshan yinshan" concept, adhere to the green low carbon cycle development, continuously enhance the level of energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of high levels of secondary aluminum industry, release the aluminium industry standard conditions as soon as possible,We will guide social resources to be concentrated in advanced enterprises.

Third, we will strengthen the industrial system.We should give full play to the role of innovation as the first driving force for development. We should continue to improve the collaborative innovation system, support joint enterprise restructuring, promote upstream and downstream collaboration, integrate manufacturing and service industries, accelerate the construction of an industrial ecosystem, and accelerate the pace of concentrated development through the construction of national demonstration platforms for the production and application of new materials.

Fourth, we need to pursue open and cooperative development.We will plan the development of the aluminum industry from a global perspective, coordinate the "two markets and two resources" at home and abroad, earnestly implement the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, expand channels for foreign cooperation in the aluminum industry, promote exchanges of aluminum technology, personnel and international cooperation on production capacity, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in competition and cooperation.

This China international aluminum week is an annual event for the aluminum industry, which brings together experts and entrepreneurs in the fields of aluminum production, processing, scientific research and consumption at home and abroad.I hope that you can exchange your thoughts extensively and make Suggestions and Suggestions positively, so as to make new contributions to the development of aluminum industry.

* after, I wish the aluminum week a complete success!Thank you!


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