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In late November, the aluminum processing industry to carry out a random inspection of production safety law enforcement


A few days ago, the ministry of emergency management issued a notice on carrying out random inspection on production safety in the steel and aluminum processing industries, which will be carried out from late November.

From January to October 2019, eight major accidents occurred in the country's metallurgical and mechanical industries, resulting in 37 deaths and heavy losses.These accidents have exposed some enterprises' responsibility for production safety is not fulfilled, the key operation links such as high-temperature molten metal and metallurgical gas, and the key parts such as belt corridors, the control of safety risk is formalized, the emergency disposal is not appropriate, and the supervision and law enforcement is not strong enough and so on.It is the end of the year, some enterprises exist to increase the efficiency of the production of the phenomenon, easy to appear illegal problems.In order to resolutely curb and effectively prevent similar accidents, the ministry of emergency management will carry out spot checks on production safety in the steel and aluminum processing industries from late November to mid-december 2019.

According to the notice, the sampling inspection will focus on areas where steel and aluminum processing industries are concentrated, mainly on iron and steel enterprises with production equipment such as blast furnace, converter or electric furnace, and aluminum processing enterprises with smelting, recycling and casting processes.

The contents of the spot check include: the implementation of law enforcement work of production safety by the emergency management departments in the steel and aluminum processing industries, including standardizing law enforcement behavior, strictly punishing law enforcement, strengthening law enforcement closed-loop, etc.;Steel and aluminum processing enterprises safety risk management and control and hidden dangers.

Notice requires that each region should attach great importance to and conscientiously learn accident lesson, from the perspective of prevent dissolve the major security risks, the careful analysis to identify the region steel, aluminum processing industry actual situation and the security risks, take effective measures, steel, aluminum processing enterprises safety law enforcement work earnestly, promote enterprise consciously correct illegal behavior, resolutely curb accidents.Each spot check group shall carry out spot check in strict accordance with the work plan formulated by the safety and law enforcement bureau of the ministry, and shall conduct spot check in the form of open and secret inspection, surprise inspection and random spot check on enterprises, and strictly carry out spot check on law enforcement.Each spot check group shall carry out law enforcement inspection in accordance with the mode of "opening meeting + on-site law enforcement inspection + summary meeting", "main person in charge of the enterprise + security management personnel + position operation staff present throughout the whole process", "law enforcement + experts".We should attach equal importance to both law enforcement and service, guide local emergency management departments to standardize law enforcement procedures for work safety, and raise the level of law enforcement.The sampling inspection teams shall promptly put forward Suggestions for rectification in areas where the responsibility measures for safety prevention are not implemented and the work is inadequate.Suggestions on the spot handling of violations of laws and regulations found by inspection enterprises shall be submitted to the local law enforcement departments with jurisdiction to deal with seriously according to laws and regulations. Enterprises with serious violations of laws and regulations shall be promptly included in the "blacklist" of production safety records for punishment according to procedures.We must strictly implement the spirit of the CPC central committee's eight regulations and the relevant provisions for improving party conduct and integrity.


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