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The us will impose a "double reverse" tax on imports of aluminium wire and cable from China


The us international trade commission said on Wednesday it had determined that us industry had been seriously harmed by imports of low-cost aluminium wires and cables from China, locking in us anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

The Commerce Department said in October that it had concluded that Chinese exporters were dumping aluminum wires and cables sold in the United States at prices below cost.

Imports of such goods from China were worth $115 million in 2018.

The ITC said it would issue a public investigation report on January 6 to support the Commerce Department's findings.

In the final ruling, the ministry of commerce set the dumping rate for wire and cable imports from China at 58.51% to 63.47%.It gives subsidies to Chinese producers at rates ranging from 33.44 per cent to 165.63 per cent.

Producers from Encore Wire of Texas and Southwire of Georgia have asked for reductions in what they call subsidies for imports from China.

The trump administration has stepped up enforcement of U.S. trade law, focusing on so-called subsidized imports from China.In October, it said it had launched 184 new anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations since President Donald Trump took office, up 235 per cent from the previous administration.

The ITC on Tuesday also supported the Commerce Department's finding that mattress imports from China caused material injury.

The outcome comes amid efforts by the world's two largest economies, the United States and China, to reach a tentative trade deal by the end of the year.

Trade experts and people close to the White House said the outcome of the u.s.-china trade "phased" deal could be finalized next year as Beijing pushes for broader tariff cuts and the trump administration pushes itself harder.


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