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Analyze the aluminum alloy extruder auxiliary equipment tractor will have what faults


Production of aluminum profile products in extrusion processing not only to use aluminum extruder, but also with auxiliary equipment to complete the processing of the whole profile production, today we will introduce the aluminum extruder one of the auxiliary equipment tractor, the tractor structure operation is what kind of?At the same time, what kind of equipment failure?

In aluminum profile extrusion production, the tractor is mainly for the profile of the traction and pull until 20-30 meters long to the shaping, straightening, sawing work.The control system of aluminum profile traction cutting machine is combined with the material turning frame.It can be divided into the following parts:

1. Traction drive: the traction drive is also completed by the inverter to control the upper and lower deceleration devices at the same time. The tension and relaxation of the upper and lower tracks are completed by the circuit control and the air routing cylinder. 

2. Cutting parts.

3. Attention should be paid to the operation of the traction cutting machine. 

Shaping table: the shaping table is much simpler than the main machine or the tractor.The control of the shaping table is directly operated by the buttons of the vacuum pumps, the feed pumps, the drainage pumps, the heating straightening, the air blowing and other devices, and is equipped with the front and rear, left and right, up and down, automatic or manual setting devices according to the needs, all of which are realized by direct control.

Common faults of aluminum profile tractor:

Now aluminum tractors are controlled by electric cavity of general equipment failure will be displayed on the screen, more intuitive, to eliminate the as long as the display of the fault reset, CAN make the equipment normal operation, compared with the previous control mode, in addition to the frequency converter fault, fault CAN only rely on experience to other item by item, screening, between host aluminum extrusion machine and auxiliary way using CAN bus communication control, lower machine CPN2003 and finalize the design, the tractor through CX408 extension module, its means of mutual also USES CAN bus communication, its effect is signal transmission line to complete the whole operation and synchronous speed,After adjusting the state of the picture to the fine-tuning function, adjust the data of extrusion, feeding and traction to > in a certain proportion, and adjust the speed to the value required by the process after changing to the synchronous function. It should be noted that any item cannot be zero when adjusting the speed synchronously.And then back to fine-tuning to adjust the individual data to meet the profile extrusion requirements.


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