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Aging treatment of aluminum alloy workpiece


Aluminum profile equipment manufacturer tells the aluminum alloy workpiece aging treatment process

The hardness of the alloy workpiece is not high after quenching, which is similar to that after annealing. Only after being placed at room temperature for a period of time, the hardness is gradually increased after natural aging or artificial aging.Because the supersaturated solid solution is very unstable, the Cu dissolved in the matrix precipitates CuAl2 at room temperature, making itself in a stable state, which produces numerous copper-rich zone flakes, which are dispersed inside the metal crystal, impeding the slip, thus improving the mechanical strength of the alloy.

Generally need to carry out artificial aging of aluminum alloy plate mainly have: 2***, 7***, and part of 6*** alloy, artificial aging temperature is not high, generally between 120~200℃, holding time generally in 4~16 hours.

Aging furnace generally includes: storage platform, furnace body, skip car, automatic control system and other parts.The box type furnace with low temperature electric heating is often used in aging furnace. The uniformity of furnace temperature is a very important performance index.


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