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Construction machinery industry status quo


From the industry situation, the construction machinery network chain conveyor is infrastructure, construction and all kinds of civil engineering essential construction machinery, mainly including shovel transport machinery, lifting machinery, pumping machinery, pile machinery, road machinery.This year's construction machinery theme market is 4 trillion yuan of investment pull.Among them, rotary drilling rig and road surface machinery are the direct beneficiaries of infrastructure construction, with the fastest growth.However, rotary drilling machines and road machinery in the industry and the mechanical companies accounted for a relatively small proportion, so the operation of the companies do not have a significant impact.Hoisting machinery is applied to hoisting equipment in various real economy factories, power construction, high-speed railway, urban rail transit and other aspects. Infrastructure construction has rapidly boosted the demand of cranes.Shoveling transport machinery is mainly used in various types of infrastructure construction and is the main beneficiary of the 4 trillion yuan investment. 

The implementation of policies to expand domestic demand is the main driving force for the growth of China's fixed asset investment. It is expected that with the further implementation of various policies, the growth rate of fixed asset investment will be further accelerated.In the short term, the industry in infrastructure investment to stimulate the recovery, construction machinery in the second quarter of excess earnings.Construction machinery is expected to continue to improve in the second quarter, driven by the gradual effect of infrastructure investment, the rebound in real estate sales and the recovery in exports.In the long run, the industry is facing a huge and sustained high growth market in China and a relatively large cost-performance advantage in the international market.Relatively optimistic about cranes, rotary drilling RIGS, excavators, concrete equipment, bulldozers and loaders, it is recommended to focus on sany heavy industry, zoomlion and XCMG technology, in addition to the original port machinery to enter the field of Marine equipment zhenhua heavy industry.


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