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What equipment is needed for extruding aluminum profiles


We all know that aluminum extruder is a kind of equipment used to extrude profiles, do you know that the production of aluminum profiles requires a whole line of equipment processing and completed?Extruded profile if deformation how to solve it?The author will be some of the knowledge about the extruder, using the article update this opportunity to help you solve the problem, I hope to be helpful and inspired to everyone.

Material processing molding, to produce exquisite aluminum products need a total of six equipment is complete, the six kinds of equipment are: aluminum extrusion machine, cut long stick hot furnace, aging furnace, cooling bed production line, thermal mould furnace, double traction straightening machine, the aluminum profile production also need through the preparation of ingot casting, extrusion, heat treatment and surface treatment of the four processes.

How to solve the problem of cold deformation of aluminum extruder?

Once the aluminum profile appears cold deformation, this is due to the occurrence of intracrystal and intercrystalline failure, because the intracrystal and intercrystalline microcrack or macroscopic crack, crack hole and other defects, will reduce the density of aluminum profile;And it has obvious effect on the change of resistance.After cold deformation, the internal energy of the material increases, making its chemical properties more unstable and easy to be corroded, especially easy to produce stress corrosion.Actual machining process for aluminium profile extrusion processing and manufacturing process of the process requirement is very strict, in order to improve the product percent of pass and the effect of using, aluminum processing can neither a little deformation after forming, nor its surface defects, or other artifacts scrap, which is why should strictly avoid cold deformation.


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